Knitting myself some peace and tranquility!

In an effort to shut off the intrusive thoughts of this stinking OCD I’ve decided to set myself a little project using one of my favourite crafts – knitting!

I’m not brilliant at it, but I’m learning from books and lots of YouTube tutorials and I have to say that I’m really enjoying it.

The idea is for me to set myself various things to knit and work through them meticulously, accompanied by one of my favourite box-sets or films on in the background and a cup of tea by my side.

So what am I working on now? Well, right now I’m in the middle of a few pieces of work – I have several on the go at once, so if I get bored or find one too difficult to continue with, I can then move onto another of my pieces and the distraction from OCD is continued.

I am only into the very early stages so far and I’ve been doing it just a couple of weeks, but so far I can honestly say it’s helping a lot with reducing the compulsive behaviour usually associated with becoming tired and having less control over my mindset.

This is interesting in itself, when I become tired my OCD finds a way into my day a lot easier than it does when I’m feeling mentally on point (which to be fair isn’t often) when I’m tired my mental guard dogs are’nt as sharp and are known to let any old mental riff-raft in, most likely my guard dogs are sleeping on the job! Knitting seems to make me very tired, probably from the concentrating and reading patterns which depending on how complex the work is, can read like another language. But instead of my OCD breaking in at this point of extra tiredness the desire to complete and understand the knitting instructions is proving to be of greater importance thus acting as a sufficient barrier. Additionally, when I do finally hit the hay, my eyes are so heavy, I’m out like a light – so it’s also helping my sleep problems associated with my CFS and Fibro.

I definitely recommend doing something like this, if craft is your bag then give it a go – it’s like art therapy but knit therapy.

So yeah, I’m knitting a Sloth, Fox, Pink Minecraft sheep, and an orange & yellow cat. The best part is these are all being made for other people, two of them children, so I can’t let them down – which makes for an excellent incentive.

I’m going to post regular pictures of the progress – I’m not a professional or even that good at knitting but if I can give you all a laugh – then it’s worth every knit, purl, slip, wrap & turn – yes Nikita now you’re just showing off with your new found knitting jargon.

Speak soon guys and thanks for reading.

Nikita xx

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