But what if I get Hibiscrub on my Brain?!


Hibiscrub, the first choice hand wash for any OCD monkey and my best friend.

I was idly reading the instructions on a bottle earlier today, trying to ascertain whether it was suitable for my daughter to use on her hands, when I noticed a warning on the container which read, ‘Avoid contact with the brain’!

Now, I’m thinking, ‘what would happen to the brain if it somehow came into contact with Hibiscrub?’ I understand that Hibiscrub is used by medical professionals in practice, so I’m assuming that the warning is more geared towards them. However, being the curious type, I immediately began googling in an attempt to find some information or more importantly a picture, unfortunately I found none and I found this very displeasing. What does it do? If it washes away obsessions, compulsions, depression and anxiety, then I’ll tip it into my skull right now! Just kidding, if only it were that simple.

Its important to add that on this occasion, the fact that I’ve been using this enemy of the Brain on my paws for a while now, it didn’t trigger an OCD panic. Usually something like this would have me imagining all kinds of horror scenarios such as my brain melting away, in the same way that guy did in Robocop (the original, of course), when he drove into the toxic waste. If there was some simple way of reaching my own brain without leaving any evidence, I’d sure as hell believe this.

So any of you Neurologists, Hibiscrub, Chemistry or Pathologist experts out there or maybe somebody who has melted their own Brain with the Hibsterscrub, has the answer to this question, then could you kindly let me know, it’s niggling me.


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